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Publication - March 22, 2010

Spring riding weather has finally arrived and it brought the Louisiana Equine Council show to The "Ike" in West Monroe. Our fox trotter club was represented in the "Parade of Breeds" by Ken and Linda Kutter's granddaughter, Amber Lawson. Her performance showed why she has won so many awards with her fox trotters. We are fortunate to have such a fine young lady and super horse person to show the skills of the fox trotter. Our club gives special thanks to Ken and Linda Kutter for the time and expense of bringing the horses down from Arkansas to represent.

Our club was represented by Clellie and Susan Batson, Buddy Savage, Jimmy and Peggy Christmas, Sonny and Marilyn Day, Felix and Janice Brown, Stan and Gayle Hargett, Ken and Linda Kutter, Amber Lawson, as well as Wilma and I. Susan and Wilma decorated a fox trotter table and provided literature advertising the fox trotter club. Susan made a real nice display of past and present members of various shows, trail rides, and cookouts.

Buddy Savage and Jimmy Christmas also set up a table advertising "The Mac" which is the new Morehouse Activity Center soon to be opened later this summer. Buddy and Jimmy, as well as Felix Brown, have worked hard to get the facility for their community and it can be a great help to our fox trotter club when combined with the Nick Cox Ride. I'm enclosing a copy of the literature passed out at The Ike. Plans are now underway for some type play day, show, or gathering combined with the Nick Cox Ride this fall. We will provide more info when planning continues and we welcome any suggestions for helping make this opening successful.

Buddy Savage sent out a questionnaire seeking club dues and I have enclosed the results of the sheet. Eight couples and five individuals returned their dues and three of the thirteen expressed interest in the shows. This is also a trend in other places, so maybe this Bastrop combination trail ride (play day - show) can create some more interest.

Our next scheduled event is the club trail ride at Roaring Creek Campground and Kisatchie Forest, 1312 Upper Boy Scout Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430, set for May 14th and 15th.

1. Own a Horse? Yes - 13 No - 0
2. Ride? Yes - 13 No - 0
3. Trail ride? Yes - 11 No - 2
4. Show? Yes - 3 No - 10
5. Be a member? Yes - 13 No - 0

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Spring should be just around the corner; however, the rain and cold just keep on coming. It sure makes it difficult to catch a good day to ride.

Our biggest challenge this year, as in previous years, is past due membership dues. We have several members who have not paid for 2010 and we need your support. Mr. Buddy Savage has enclosed a form to be completed and returned to him in order to finalize our membership (form link).

We all know show interest has declined and several clubs have changed to "riding club" status only. It is clear that we need other gaited breeds to participate in order to have a successful show and even that takes a lot of effort.

There is an "all gaited breed" show in Ava April 30th and May 1st, hosted by "The Dixieland Gaited Show Alliance." This show will be held at the MFTHBA Arena and is for "FOSH Region Two Championship." You can get online to obtain information about the show, or call Sandy McCart at 859-325-5701. FOSH - Friends of Sound Horses -

The show bill has 24 Missouri Fox Trotter classes, 11 Mountain Horse classes, 19 Tennessee Walking Horse classes and 3 UPWHA classes. I hope to attend this show and learn more about this organization.

As most of you know, our fox trotter members in Bastrop have worked very hard the last few years to obtain an arena. This complex is now under construction and should be complete later this year. We hope to have some type event at this arena in conjunction with our Nick Cox ride in September. We welcome any suggestions in planning this "function." Jimmy Christmas, Buddy Savage, and Felix Brown have spent countless hours in pursuit of this facility and it can be a great place to combine trail rides and shows in order to rekindle our show participation.

The "Ike" in West Monroe is hosting the "Louisiana Equine Council" beginning March 12th (Friday) at 4:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Saturday starting time is 9:00 a.m. Sunday starting time Cowboy Church 9:00 a.m. Our club will be represented by Amber Lawson in the Parade of Breeds. We encourage all horse lovers to attend. We will have a fox trotter booth in the lobby.

We have scheduled our spring club trail ride again this year at Roaring Creek Campground Kisatchie Forest, 1312 Upper Boy Scout Road, Forest Hill, LA 71430. The weekend scheduled at this time is May 14th and 15th (subject to change). The Roaring Creek Club members were great hosts for all of us last year and the food was great as always. It's a great place for family fun.

The Southern Classic will be held June 25th and 26th at the Carroll County Fairgrounds at Berryville, AR.

Anyone wishing to host a trail ride would certainly be appreciated, as well as any ideas to help our club.

Jim Sullivan

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