May 2010

May 2010 (2)

From the President

Summer is upon us and schools are closing for the summer. The rains came by and some folks got more than others, but we thank the good Lord for every drop.

We enjoyed a good weekend on our Roaring Creek Ride. The food was great and the rides were fantastic. The first two days were dusty at times, but it was still super.

Jimmy Christmas is due so much credit for organizing the food and having Robert pick it up for us. Mr. JW Lott does an excellent job of the food preparation and we thank him so much. It was super as usual. Carl led our rides and does an excellent job in leading our group. Robert and Carl had the campgrounds looking great and we know they worked hard in getting it ready for us. All the ladies brought some great food and the fellowship was excellent. I joked with them about how I campaigned and worked so hard for this president job and we certainly all know it was indeed a joke. Many of you have served our club in the past in this position when it took a lot more work than now, when we had all the shows.

It is time to be thinking of some new officers for next year and I'm sure we'll all work to help them. I certainly thank all our board members and others who have helped make my job easy.

Our next scheduled club ride is our Nick Cox ride in September, unless somebody comes up with something before then.

See you then
Jim Sullivan

May 2010 (1)

We are well into our 2nd quarter of 2010 and the grass is really growing. Hay production is in full gear and people are busy in the fields. Most are riding their horses when they find time and there have been a few sales of horses.

Our club members are getting older every year and we lost a longtime member, Mr. Lavelle Woods, in April. He was loved and respected by so many people as was evident at the visitation services and the church. He was certainly a winner in the show ring with his horses, after a successful business career. He meant so much to our fox trotter club and was always willing to help. I personally will miss his competitive spirit and friendship as I'm sure so many of you will.

Our next fox trotter club gathering will be the ride at the Roaring Creek Campground in Kisatchie Forest, 1312 Upper Boy Scout Rd, Forest Hill, LA 71430, on the weekend of May 14th and 15th. This should be a fun weekend and give us a chance to discuss our club business.

Jimmy and Peggy Christmas, Lynn and Tammy Dousay, along with Wilma and myself, went to Ava, Missouri, to attend the "all gaited show" at our fox trotter grounds in Ava in order to get some ideas about a possible "Fosh" show in Bastrop. It was a complete bust. It appears that in order to put on an all-breed gaited even would require involvement, meeting, etc., with the other clubs in order to see if indeed there was any interest in such a show. All this will be discussed at our next meeting. We will set our next board meeting after our ride on May 14th and 15th at Roaring Creek.

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