October 2010



The board meeting Fox Trotter 2011 election has been changed to Monday, November 8th, 2010. The place (Piccadilly Cafe) and the time (6 pm) remain the same. Remember this is for president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and two board members. Send nominations to Buddy Savage as requested in past newsletters in September and October.

Thank you,
Jim Sullivan

We also need an interested person to take over our newsletter.

October 2010

Fellow Fox Trotters

Today is a great day as we were awakened by much needed rain. Hay is really short in our area and feed prices are all going out of sight due to high corn prices. This rain should help get some winter pastures started and certainly make everyone feel better.

Jimmy and Buddy tell us the Bastrop arena is coming on good and everyone is really excited about it.

Our club was certainly well represented in Ava at the Fall Celebration and we can be really proud of them all. Their hard work and determination certainly paid off with fantastic results!

Our club winners were Heather Harrison, Daniel Smith, Tammy Dousay, Lynn Dousay, and Amber Lawson. Heather Harrison led the way and won THE WORLD GRAND CHAMPION in class #134 out of state competition. Daniel Smith followed close behind in 4th place with Lynn Dousay in 5th, Amber Lawson 8th, and Tammy Dousay in 10th. This is outstanding with our club taking five places out of ten in World Grand Championship in class #132 AM O&T 3 yr old with Lynn Dousay in 4th place. Amber Lawson won 1st place in Amateur Versatility Highpoint Pleasure in the National Versatility Circuit. All our club contestants are to be congratulated for jobs well done. Complete class results can be found on the MFTHBA web site under 2010 Fall Show and Celebration results.


Heather Harrison -- Class #54, 2nd; class #82, 2nd; class #85, 1st; class #111, 2nd; class #132 WGC, 1st; class #134 WGC, 1st; class #174, 2nd

Daniel Smith -- Class #13, 2nd; class #80, 1st; class #107, 2nd; class #109, 2nd; class #127, 2nd; class #134 WGC, 4th; class #156 WGC, 6th, class #177, 4th

Amber Lawson -- Class #62, 1st; class #64, 6th; class #85, 7th; class #90, 8th; class #106, 7th; class #134 WGC, 8th; Amateur Versatility Highpoint Pleasure, 1st

Lynn Dousay -- Class #54, 4th; class #80, 3rd; class #104, 6th; class #132 WGC, 4th; class #134 WGC, 5th

Tammy Dousay -- Class #8, 8th; class #51A, 6th; class #85, 9th; class #134 WGC, 10th

Many hours of training are evident in the above results and we are all certainly proud of them.


The year 2010 is winding down and we will be electing new officers for our club for 2011. Please send any nominations in to Buddy Savage for officers of president, vice president, sec/treasurer as well as 2 board members.

We will have a club meeting on November 15th 8th at 6 pm at the Piccadilly Cafeteria in Monroe.

Congratulations to CHARLIE COX on 40 MFTHBA Trail Rides. See the attached write up from the October MFT Journal.

Please send your news items to Jim Sullivan at 521 Guice Road, Winnsboro LA 71295 or Jessie at sullivans1981@yahoo.com. Advertising items should be sent to Buddy Savage, PO Box 123, Collinston LA 71229.

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